14 Guangdong Universities Become Pioneers of Applied Universities

Hundreds of regional Chinese universities established from the late ‘90’s onwards have been asked to convert themselves into “applied universities”. While a total of 200 regional level universities (approximately 1/3 of the total number of regional universities) have participated in some level of conversion, the changes are only componential. Fourteen universities in Guangdong have recently been given pioneering roles in converting themselves to “applied universities” within 4 year timeframes. The conversation involves changes to course structures, teaching capacity building and learning methods, and partnering with local industries in curriculum design, teaching, internships and employment. The 14 universities include those in two categories: public universities, such as the Guangdong Finance Institute, Guangdong Finance and Economic University, Huizhou Institute, Zhaoqing Institute, and Wuyi University; and independent institutes, such as Peking Normal University Zhuhai Branch Campus and the Guandong Baiyun Institute. The four year period has already exceeded the Chinese State Council’s original deadline of 2022, and no doubt the conversion will be a much longer journey than anticipated.

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