120th Anniversary Donations to PKU

As part of Peking University’s 120th anniversary fundraising campaign, a number of major donations were made this year:  CHEN Fashu, president of Xinhuadu (Fujian-based enterprise engaged in distribution, real estate, travel, and mining, as well as an affiliated business school), donated USD79m to assist medical talent and research; Baidu’s founder, LI Yanhong (1991 information systems graduate) and his wife Dr. MA Dongmin, donated USD106m to assist AI and relevant discipline research (largest individual donation PKU has ever received). 


Another five alumni also donated USD16m to a broad range of scholarships and talent recruitment programs, as well as media, philosophy, and sports projects. The donations came from XingXi Group (military logistics), Xinshang Group (IT and real estate), Biguiyuan (real estate), Shenzhen Aotexun Electric Power, and Tiehan Eco Environment.


Peking University has been either in the No.1 or No.2 position in terms of donations received each year in China, with over USD 300m donations made to the university each year.

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