Marketing & Promotion

CHE and partners provide education marketing packages to help global education institutions achieve a higher level of branding to assist with partnership building and student recruitment.


As an education marketing channel wholesaler, we are able to help you select the most appropriate channels to meet your institution’s needs. We provide these in bundled packages  in order to provide cost-effective solutions.

We also work closely with your agents, partners and alumni to streamline your channel impact and increase the efficiency of your partnership building and recruitment processes.

Our channels are not merely to help to your name out, but also help in interactive communication and lead generation.


A relevant and interesting case study or a “juicy” story goes a long way to spreading your institution’s message widely and requires minimal channel investment.

CHE helps you create professional content that mainland Chinese readers identify with and assists you in building  a systematic process that leads to more self-generating content over time.

Current Packages

Download a summary of our current marketing packages here.

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