China Recruitment Opportunities

China is such a large recruitment market that it can be very difficult to determine and even decide upon the best ways to take advantage of the huge number of opportunities ahead of you.

CHE and our partners remove the stress and help you plan your strategy.

Current Recruitment Opportunities

  • Short-listing Chinese Recruitment Agents
CHE offers targeted B2B promotion to help create brand awareness amongst recruitment agents in China, and short-lists agents who are potentially interested in working with your institution. This creates a valuable starting point for you to engage with new agents or to re-structure your relationships with existing agents.
Fees:  USD 2,500 +
Join a 7-day tour of Chinese universties in:
Beijing – Tianjin – Nanjing – Shanghai
26th May – 1st June 2019
Join a 5-day tour of Chinese high schools in:
Xiamen – Fuzhou – Nanchang
13th – 17th May 2019
Join a 10-day tour of Chinese high schools in:
Chongqing, – Zhengzhou – (Chengdu) – Hangzhou – Yinchuan – Xi’an
11th – 21st November 2019

Previous Recruitment Tours

A 10-day tour of Chinese high schools in:
Chengdu – Chongqing – Suzhou – Guangzhou – Zhengzhou – Lanzhou
6th – 15th November 2018


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