Online Workshop: Cross-Cultural Communication

An Introduction for Campus Staff

Length: 120 minutes
Online Webinar
Date:  Thursday, 6th September 2018 *
Time: 08:00 am (China Time)
Price: USD 110 per person  (CHE Member Price: USD 99 per person **)
Payment Methods: Online Store (PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, WeChat, AliPay), Bank Transfer (China or Australia)

* Note:  Organisations can contact us to organise a time slot that suits your organisation’s schedule. The above information is for individuals joining the scheduled workshop.
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Download an overview of this workshop:


Section 1: Navigating Chinese Culture & Negotiation

A. Understanding and Navigating Chinese Culture

  • Culture: Where to Start
    Chinese Mindset
    Methods of Engagement
    China: In Numbers
    Rules & Relationships
    Communication Differences
    Changing Culture: Approach & Process
    “Laowai” in the Workplace

B. Negotiating in China

  • Key Tips
  • Effective Meetings
  • Personal Relationships
  • Common MIstakes

Section 2: Practical Cross-Cultural Communication Tips

A. Top 4 Cross-Cultural Challenges

  1.  The Yes Syndrome: “Have I been understood?”
  2.  The Life Story Syndrome: “Get to the point!”
  3.  The Rude/Polite Gap: From “Sir” to “So?”
  4.  The Rule Benders: “But my friend said that…”
This online workshop will explain why these challenges are so common among staff working with international students and provide practical suggestions for addressing them. 

B. Information Management for Campus Staff

Audio Exercise: ‘When Things Don’t Register’ (Dialogue at a campus service desk)

  • Cultural differences in organisational structure;
  • How information is organised in different languages;
  • The use of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ across cultures;
  • What you can do: Practical tips for campus staff;

C. Making your English Accessible

Discussion Activity: Politeness and register in English
  • How politeness works in English: Vocabulary, phrasing, grammar
  • Register in English: casual, formal and ‘classroom’ English
  • What you can do: Practical tips for campus staff

D. Summary and Q&A


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