China Education Briefings & Workshops

Educating your team on the practices and nuances of operating in a particular market is vital for long-term success; this is especially true of such a complex and dynamic market as China.

To help your team become acquainted with the key details of and the trends in local environment, CHE offers and delivers both standardised and customised briefings and training workshops.

CHE develops its content and sources its presenters from some of the most experienced industry experts to help reduce your learning curve.

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Developing, Executing and Evaluating a China Strategy
Developing and Executing a China Marketing/Media Plan
Establishing and Operating Joint Programs in China
Building a Teaching and Curriculum Capacity for Your TNE Programs
Working with and Evaluating Recruitment Agents
Engaging Alumni in China
Legal Issues in Partnerships with Chinese Institutions
Identifying Suitable Curriculum and Teaching Resources for Joint Programs in China
Developing Brand Awareness in China
Establishing Effective Management of a China Presence
Partnering with Pathway and Language Training Providers
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