CHE Supports: Online High School Recruitment Fair

Hosted by IEduChina


23rd September – 30th November 2017


Online High School Recruitment Fair – the most effective way to recruit high school students from China

  • No travel costs;
  • Instant national coverage;
  • Low cost & High ROI;
What Do You Need to Do:
  • Simply provide basic information about your organisation (in English);

What You Will Receive:
  • Online exposure to a target audience of 20,000 students and families;
  • Access to back-end data and enquiries;
  • Support with handling enquiries in Chinese;

To learn more, please download this PPT presentation.

About IEduChina

IEduChina is one the largest high-school direct recruitment platforms in China and partners with over 500 international schools in China. On average over 20,000 targeted students and families attended each of its online recruitment fairs.

Recruitment Fair
(CHE Club Members)
USD 2,520
Recruitment Fair
(Non CHE Club Members)

USD 2,800
           (USD230 cheaper than direct purchase)
Recruitment Fair
+ CHE Club Membership (1 year)
USD 3,000
          (CHE Club membership is USD400 per year)
                Learn more about the CHE Club.

Payment Methods:

PayPal or Credit/Debit Card (online): CHE Club Member (Fair Only)

Non CHE Club Member (Fair Only)

Fair + CHE Club Membership

Local (China) Bank Transfer:
Bank account details available .. Contact Us
International (Australia) Bank Transfer:
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If you have any questions, please contact:
Ben Newman
+86 10 85866386

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