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26th Feb - 4th Mar
BMI UAE Global Education FairUAE
21st Mar
OFFLINE WORKSHOP: Improve Your Chinese Education Expertise
Beijing 北京
23rd - 31st Mar
CIEET (China International Education Exhibition Tour) 2019Beijing 北京
Wuhan 武汉
Shanghai 上海
Guangzhou 广州
Shenzhen 深圳
23rd - 25th Mar
2019 ICEF Moscow Agent WorkshopMoscow
25th - 29th Mar
APAIE 2019Kuala Lumpur
13th - 17th May
HIGH SCHOOL TOUR: Spring Undergraduate Recruitment Tour
春季: 海外院校进高中学校宣讲周
Xiamen 厦门
Fuzhou 福州
Nanchang 南昌
26th May - 1st Jun
5月26日 - 6日1日
UNIVERSITY TOUR: Spring Postgraduate Recruitment Tour
Beijing 北京
Tianjin 天津
Nanjing 南京
Shanghai 上海
11th - 21st Nov
HIGH SCHOOL TOUR: Autumn Undergraduate Recruitment Tour
秋季: 海外院校进高中学校宣讲周
Chongqing 重庆
Zhengzhou 郑州
(Chengdu) 成都
Hangzhou 杭州
Yinchuan 银川
Xi’an 西安
All year
Online Recruitment Campaign
Online 线上
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Previous Events

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  • Representatives of overseas universities and other higher education institutions;
  • Recruitment agencies and providers of pathway courses and language training;
  • International exchange and academic staff members of Chinese universities;
  • Representatives of related government programs, departments and agencies (Chinese and international);
  • Exam providers (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT).
  • Other education and training providers (language, foundation, high-school)
  • Other education service providers

Payment Methods

To attend our events, all attendees need to register and purchase a ticket in advance.  We provide a number of payment options:
  1.  Online Payment in our Store with PayPal
  2.  Online Payment in our Store with a credit/debit card
  3.  Bank Transfer (local Chinese account or Australian account) (please contact us for bank details)
  4.  AliPay (our account name is info@chinahighereducation.org) or scan the QR code below:
AlipAY-QR-codeWe can provide an official Chinese receipt (发票) for the event; there is a 3% surcharge for this. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. Attendance: Attendance to CHE events is guaranteed only after having received a confirmation of attendance email from CHE. Purchase of a ticket does not necessarily ensure attendance. If you are not sure of your status, please contact CHE.
  2. Participation: Participation in all of CHE’s events is ONLY for professionals working in the tertiary education industry or education services sector. CHE reserves the right to cancel any purchased tickets and/or refuse admission to those not working in such sectors. If you are not sure of your status, please contact CHE BEFORE you purchase your ticket. Participation in CHE’s events for those not in the tertiary education industry (or education services sector) is by INVITATION ONLY.
  3. Refund Policy: If an event is cancelled by CHE, a full-refund will be provided. For any customers/organisations who have purchased a ticket and either do not attend the event or do not meet any of the above criteria, no refund will be provided. No refund will be provided for attendees who are unable to access the webinar to due to issues with connectivity, user experience or technology at their end.
  4. Webinar/Workshop Attendees: Please see the www.webex.com website for details on how to use the software. We open our webinars/workshops approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled start time to offer an opportunity for attendees to test their connection and to ask questions if there are any problems – we cannot guarantee that all problems can be solved in this short time. These 20 minutes are for attendees to test their connectivity, however we cannot guaranteee a successful connection as we are not familiar with nor responsible for all potential connection platforms and configurations of our attendees.
  5. Webinar/Workshop Connection: In the event of any disruption to the (Internet) connection during a webinar that significantly affects the quality of the webinar, CHE will either a) provide an audio recording of the webinar and share the slides or b) provide credit towards a future webinar of the participant’s choice.
  6. Attending Webinars for Free: CHE Club members (both organisation and individual members) can attend attend all webinar for FREE during their membership period. If you are unsure of your CHE Club membership status, please contact us. To become a CHE Club member please click here.


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Sponsorship & Hosting

If you are interested in co-hosting or sponsoring one (or more) of our events, please see our Event Sponsorship page.

If would like to put yourself forward as a presenter or panelist have an idea for an event and would like support in organising it, please contact us

Types of Events

We organise regular on-the-ground events in Beijing and Shanghai to help support the higher education network in China. We welcome local professionals working in Beijing or Shanghai as well as visiting representatives of overseas universities and education institutions.

Roundtable Discussions
Careers Seminars & Job Fairs
Networking Sessions
Industry Events

To learn more about the types of events, please click here.

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