Chinese English Test (CSE) Now Links to IELTS

The MOE National Education Examination Authority (NEEA) has collaborated with the British Council to link English proficiency tests IELTS and Aptis to China’s Standards of English Ability (CSE), displaying the test results against the CSE levels to show the CSE equivalents of IELTS and Aptis scores.


An IELTS listening score of 5 is the equivalent of CSE level 4, an IELTS reading score of 5.5 is the equivalent of CSE level 5; once IELTS scores reach 6 or higher, they are equal to the corresponding CSE levels: an IELTS score of 8 is the same as CSE level 8. A score of 45 in Aptis writing is equivalent to CSE level 6.


The vice president of NEEA, Yu Han also revealed the next stage of the joint research: to link the results of TOEFL with CSE to help develop China’s English proficiency tests and to divide Chinese Learners’ English abilities into 9 levels with three stages to conquer the teaching challenge: “basic, improvement and proficiency”.

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