How Are Chinese Universities Using their Donations?

ScienceNet recently provided an overview of the fund-raising landscape amongst Chinese universities. According to ScienceNet, the vast majority of Chinese universities receive donations from sources within Mainland China (83%). Although there was no specific ratio released on corporate and individual donations, many large donors are from successful private sectors, particularly information technology, health and real estate. The total donations received by the Higher Ed sector is around RMB80 billion (USD11.6b) per annum. Hong Kong contributes most of the donations outside mainland China. 25% of the donations are used for scholarships and 17% for R&D. Most university foundations have been cautiously managed to match their spending with their income, but some have taken a more aggressive stance – spending more than they raise. Amongst the universities who received top donations, 13 of them experienced negative growth.  Tsinghua University remains the No. 1 by receiving RMB1billion+ donations each year (USD145m) for five consecutive years, while Hunan university has the most rapid increase in receiving donations.


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